Urgent-Waajib to Reject This Offensive Bill Now

The Majlis released this statement for all true Muslims to be alert of regarding the cruel amendments in the latest clause in the Muslim Marriages Bill:

“The latest Draft Marriages Bill is open for public comment until 31 August 2023. This Taaghuti Bill while not targeting the Muslim community and while it is completely different from the earlier stupid/kufr MPL and MMB scrap papers, it has an exceptionally evil and draconian provision which will have grave and horrible consequences for Muslims if it (the bill) is enacted into law in its present form.The offensive provision states:No.22 (8) of Chapter 7 of the Draft Marriages Bill reads:”Any person who knowingly, whilst not being designated as a marriage officer, solemnizes a marriage which he or she is not authorised, under this Act, to solemnize or solemnizes a marriage which, to his knowledge, is legally prohibited, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 5 years or both to such a fine or imprisonment.”The effect of this Taaghuti provision is the criminalization of performing Nikahs in the Musaajid as Muslims have been doing since time immemorial – since the era of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).The Imaams who will perform Nikahs in the Musaajid could be jailed for 5years along with a monetary fine.The other horrific consequence of this satanic provision is that the government expects Muslims to live in the state of adultery by banning the performance of Nikah. The provisions of Draft Bill do not validate Nikah in terms of the Shariah. According to all Four Math-habs, it is imperative (Waajib) for a Muslim male to represent the bride. The Maaliki, Shaafi’ and Hambali Math-habs apply greater emphasis on the imperative factor of Male Representation than the Hanafi Math-hab which also decrees that it is Waajib to have a Male Representative. The drafters of the Marriage Bill are clearly ignorant or recklessly unconcerned with the religious rights and practices of the Muslim community. Hence, absolutely no cognizance has been assigned to the imperative requisites for the validity of marriages in terms of the Shariah. It appears that the constitutional principle of freedom of religion is a deceptive canard. It is hollow and has no meaning other than deceiving morons. Banning the performance of Nikahs in the Musjid by Imaams who are not registered in terms of the law of Taaghoot is the effective obliteration of the religious rights of the Muslim community and a bulldozing of our religious and emotional sentiments.

It is Waajib for all Muslims to submit their comments and make themselves heard to the government. Write to the Department of Home Affairs. Object to the aforementioned provision stated in the draft marriages bill. Point out to the Home Minister that we Muslims prefer that our Islamic Marriages are not recognized legally, but we cannot accept nor tolerate that our Holy Marriages and Prayers in the Musjids be banned.We are not asking the government to promulgate a law to conform with the Shariah. We are only asking that our religious practices and our prayer services should not be banned. We shall continue performing Nikahs in the Musaajid. There is no other option available for abstention from adultery. The consequence of marriage in terms of the secular law is an adulterous union which is extremely abominable and will never be accepted by Muslims. But secular law is the law of Taaghut, hence adultery is perfectly valid, acceptable and the norm for those who are bereft of Belief in the Creator of the universe.The offensive clause in the bill has to be necessarily amended. This is extremely simple. It is not a conundrum. The bill should simply state that marriages not performed in terms of the Act will not be valid. The criminalization of Imaams who perform Nikahs in the Musaajid must be imperatively deleted from the bill. Send your objection and protest to:

The Department of Home AffairsE-mail:



ALL MUSLIMS, MALE AND FEMALE, AS WELL AS ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD NECESSARILY COMMENT AND OBJECT!! Send us a copy of your letter of objection.” Mujlisul.ulama@gmail.co.za

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