Extracted from: For Friends The Selected discourses of Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb Rahmatullahi Alaihi

By us, in the district of Saharanpur, there is a town called Mangalore, a women passed away and was buried. Her brother was among those who buried her. He was a government employee.

When he left after the burial, he felt for some papers he had with him. He searched his pockets but could not find them. He went to search at home, but could not find them there. He then realized that the papers must have fallen out at the time he was bending down when burying his sister. The papers were some important official papers and not his own personal papers.

He took some other people with him and had the grave dug up again. He found the envelope with the papers in the grave, but what did he observe? He saw that the hair, which is normally divided into two sections, the section from the right side of the head being placed over the chest on the right side and the section from the left side of the head being placed over the left chest, had become somewhat tangled. His sister’s hair from the right side were entwined around the big toe of the left foot and her hair from the left side were entwined around the big toe of the right big toe. It formed somewhat like a catapult. As a result her head was pulled up little from the ground and her feet were also pulled up slightly from the ground. He thought to himself: “ She must be in considerable discomfort”. He stretched his hand to loosen the hair from the toes and he suddenly felt a searing pain in his fingers as he touched the hair. The hair was so terribly hot that he burnt his fingers. He immediately withdrew his hand, quickly re-buried her and went home.

He tried treating his hand, but no remedy could stop the searing pain. He went to a buzurg, who gave him some special water over which he had recited something, to dip his hand in. Whenever he kept his hand in this water he found relief. The moment he withdrew his hand from the water, the pain commenced again. The burning pain remained for some days. He asked the buzurg why this happened to him. The buzurg replied: “ It would appear that your sister was not observing purdah with ghair-mahrams. She apparently left her hair uncovered in front of these ghair-mahrams. Allah Ta aala serves out punishment according to the crime. Her punishment is through her very hair. The hair has been heated in the fire of Jahannam and entwined around her toes.”

Just compare the situation of the other lady from Paris because of the nisbat of acting according to the Shari’at, to that of his own who did not bother about the Shari’at, and what the results were for both. “

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