What Is Tasawwuf?

TASAWWUF is a misunderstood concept, its true meaning and significance in the daily life of a Muslim are lost, Commercial “sufis” (men who exhibit themselves as saints) arc trading Tasawwuf as some mysterious cult of “Mysticism” apart from the Shariat and Sunnat of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They have reduced Tasawwuf to potions, talisman, incantation empty rituals, and they have cloaked it with belief and theories of kufr and shirk. They have interwoven Tasawwuf with bid’ah and practices of corruption.

All this have become necessary in the interest of their pecuniarybenefits. A “mystical” cult appeals and preys on the mind of ignorant and unwary masses who seek an escape for their Shar’i duties and Ibadat in the fantasy of “mystical” concepts fraudulently conjectured by the fraudulent “sufis”. Such fraudulent “sufis” are swift in escaping the weaknesses and the spiritual lethargy of the masses and are adept in providing “easy” solutions of escape for a fee. Muslims who treasure their Iman and their Islam have to beware of such robbers of the Deen who are easily recognised by the high fees which they levy for spiritual initiation (ba’yt) into their mystical paths, for their annual renewal fees, for the tabarruk charges and for their many other fees subtley, but compulsorily levied in the supposed interests of their disciples.

Tasawwuf in reality is nothing but the ROOH of Islam Islam consists of two fundamental parts, viz the external laws pertaining to Ibadat and. the internal state of beauty, concern, sincerity and perfection on which (he external laws are to be based. Thus Tasawwuf is an integral part of the Shariat of Islam. Any “tasawwuf” beyond the confines of the Shariat is not the Tasawwuf of the Qur’an and Hadith, but is a practice of fraud and deception. The Tasawwuf of ALL the great and illustrious Auliyaa operate within strict control of the Sunnat of our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

A tasawwuf which is at variance with the Tasawwuf of Rasulullah (Sallallaho alayhi wasallam) is not Tasawwuf, but is some satanic concept designed to obtain the pleasure of shaitaan. The main purpose of Tasawwuf is to eliminate the bestial qualities in man and to supplant them with the noble and virtuous qualities of angels. In this direction, Tasawwuf employs the advices, exhortations, restrictions, prohibitions and remedies prescribed by the Qur’aan, Hadith and the authoritative and authentic Auliyaa of Islam.

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