A Shia’s Truthful Words has Caused an Earthquake

Al Jazeera Arabic program “Al-Ittijaahul Ma’aaqis” anchor person ‘Dr. Faisal Qasim’ said that:

An aide to Muqtada al-Sadr, a prominent Iraqi Shia cleric and leader, has written an article titled ‘We are a shameless nation’. The article sheds light on the following facts:

🔮 Umar bin al-Khattab (Sunni) was the one who conquered Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Persia.‎

‎🔮 Muhammad bin Qasim (Sunni) was the conqueror of Sind, Hind and Mawra al-Nahr.‎

‎🔮 The conqueror of North Africa was Qutayba bin Muslim (Sunni).‎

‎🔮 Both Tariq bin Ziyad and Musa bin Naseer were the ones who conquered Andalus.‎

‎🔮 Muhammad al-Fatiha (Sunni) was the conqueror of Constantinople.‎

‎🔮 Asad bin Al-Furat (Sunni) was the one who conquered Saqlaya.‎

‎🔮 The rulers of the Umayyad Caliphate (Sunni) were the ones who made Andalusia a beacon of light and a center of civilization.

‎🔮 Those who defeated the Tatars at Ain Jalut were both Saif-ud-din Qutuz and Rukn-ud-Din Baybars (Sunni).‎

‎🔮 Salah-ud-din Ayubi (Sunni) was the one who defeated the Crusaders at Hittin.‎

‎🔮 Abdul Karim al-Khattabi (Sunni) was the one who destroyed the pride of the Spaniards in Morocco.‎

‎🔮 Umar al-Mukhtar (Sunni) was the one who forced Italy to kneel down.‎

‎🔮 The commander who wounded the Russian bear in Chechnya and conquered the city of Grozny was Commander Khattab (Sunni).‎

‎🔮 NATO in Afghanistan were made to rub their noses on the ground by them (Sunnis).‎

‎🔮 Those who forced the United States to flee Iraq (were Sunnis).‎

‎🔮 In Palestine, Sunni’s are the ones who made sleep haram (forbidden) for the Jews.

What are we going to tell our kids?‎

‎🔘 Mukhtar Thaqafi (Shi’a) was the one who called Hadhrat Husayn (Radhiyallahu ‘Anhu) to Iraq and left him helpless in Karbala, and those who martyred him were also Shias.‎

‎🔘 Ibn Al-Alqami (Shi’a) was the one who conspired against the Abbasid Caliph and met the Tatars.‎

‎🔘 The make-up of Hulaku Khan was done by Nasir-ud-Din Tusi (Shia).‎

‎🔘 It was the (Shia) who welcomed the Tatars to Baghdad.

‎🔘 It was the (Shia) who helped the Tatars in their attacks on Syria.

‎🔘 The Fatimids (Shias) were the allies of the Firangis against the Muslims.‎

‎🔘 It was the (Shia) who broke their promise to the Seljuk Sultan Tugrul Beg Basasiri and joined his enemies.

‎🔘 Ahmad bin Ata (Shi’a) was the one who helped him in the crusaders’ invasion of Palestine.‎

‎🔘 Kanz al-Dawlah (Shia) was the one who planned to assassinate Saladin Ayyubi.

‎🔘 Kamal al-Din bin Badr al-Taflisi (Shia) was the one who welcomed Halaku Khan in Syria.‎

‎🔘 Abu Taher Al-Qarmati (Shi’a) was the one who killed the pilgrims and stole the Hajr-e-aswad (Black Stone on the Ka’bah)

‎🔘 Those who helped Muhammad Ali’s invasion of Syria were (Shias).‎

‎🔘 Those who attack Islamic centers in Yemen are Houthis (Shiites).‎

‎🔘 Those who welcomed the U.S. invasion of Iraq and helped them are Sistani and Hakeem (Shias).‎

‎🔘 The Iranian rulers (Shia) are the ones who welcomed the NATO attack on Afghanistan and helped them.

‎🔘 Iraqi rulers, Iranian rulers and Lebanon’s Hezbollah (Shias) are those who helped the United States in Syria and together with Bashar killed millions of Muslims and tried to stifle Muslim freedom.‎

‎🔘 Ismail Safavi (Shi’a) was the one who rebelled against the Ottoman Caliphate and killed millions of Muslims.‎

‎🔘 Ahmad Najad (Shia) is the one who declared support for the idolaters on the killing of Burmese Muslims.

🔘 Khamenei (Shia) is the one who supports Bashari’s bombing of the Syrian people and calls it a red line.‎

‎🔘 Those who abuse the Companions and write shameful things about the Caliphs and the Ummah al-Mu’minin are the Shias.‎

‎🔘 It was Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq (Shia) who sided with the British against Sultan Tipu.

If all these events were written down, it would take many volumes to complete the book. What will we answer to our future generations??!!

This is all being said by a Shia scholar himself.

Note: Keep yourself and your lineage away from the fitnas of Rawafism.

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