Audio 107 – Ml Muhammed Bhemat Distances himself from the Viral TikTok Nikaah

The Imaam of Masjid Umar Farouq Masjid Lenasia, has clarified and distances himself and gives pertinent advice to others in an announcement after the Maghrib Salaah on 6th Dhul- Qa’dah 1445. It is the duty of every Muslim to sanctify the symbols of Allah Ta’ala and part of honouring is to protect it from that which draws His Wrath.

Come to my home and do acts which I consider despicable, would you not be causing me harm? What about the sacred Houses of the Allah Ta’alaa? Do we not take heed from the hundreds of thousands of Masaajid worldwide turned into museums. Rules are rules but what will you say when those who wish to redraw the constitution of Allah Ta’ala according to fancies and desires.

Do not blame the ummah, we need to address those who permit that which Allah Ta’alaa curses and that is animate picture making and those who have allowed women to exit the homes to go to Masaajid. They have opened the doors to all this fitan and fasaad. Trustees want Imaams who will sing to their tune but the reality is you can have thousands of Masaajid as it is in Kenya and various other countries in the world but void of the true Imaan, when Allah Ta’alas punishment strikes then we will be bewildered. Allah Ta’ala protect this Ummah and give our scholars the ability to hold on to the true Shari’ah in shaa Allah.

Below is the advice offered by Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Bhemat Saheb:

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