Audio 34- Mufti Ridha-ul-Haqq- Expose The Filth Of Shias in Jumua Bayaans

Mufti Ridha-ul-Haqq gave a lecture in the Marlboro Masjid on the evils and crimes perpertrated by the Kuffar Shia’s by which Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosen translated this lecture side by side. This clip serves as an important tool to those who have failed the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum by being silent on the Kuffar Shia as well as claim that the mimbar should not be used to discuss the Kuffar Shia’s. The Idolaters realized when Rasulullah ﷺ was not going to incline towards their shirk then requested Rasulullah ﷺ to just remain silent and not to speak bad about their idols. Rasulullah ﷺ refused! Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum gave their lives for Imaan to reach us, not defending their honour by remaining silent on those who attack it, is a sign that we are the real traitors to Islam! There are those who claim to follow Mufti Ridha-ul-Haqq but when the word Shia is mentioned in Jumuah talks then they feel offended and beg the speaker not to address such topics on Jumuah.

The concluding points mentioned in this snippet by Mufti Ridha-ul-Haqq is shared below:

● Nobody has caused harm to the Muslims as the Shia’s has caused

● Save yourselves and alert your children about the honour and greatness of the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum’s lives

● Speakers on the occasion of Jumu’ah, every two or three weeks, should speak on the status of Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum and the deception of the Shia’s and the filth of Shia’s should be stressed so that the love for Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum settles in the heart and becomes strong and deep!

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