Audio 35- Ml Yunus Patel- Brother In Law Made Her Pregnant

Hadhrat Moulana Yunus Patel Rahmatullahi Alaihi emphasizes the ill effects of intermingling. Even the Ahle-Ilm who claim piety have taken this issue lightly. Ulama instruct their wives not to practice with their brother’s and ghair maharim. Then when there is illicit relations then we complain. But Shariah cuts these issues from the roots. If this is the case of the Ulama then what can we expect from the general public.

Allah Ta’alaa protect us. Sheikh Saleh at-Talib was imprisoned for addressing the issue of intermingling in Saudi Arabia

This shows the importance of pardah which does not refer to the covering of the honourable face of the female only, rather pardah is the total segregation between ghair maharim (those whom one can marry including segregation between brother in law/sister in law), it is worth getting locked up for defending it!

Listen to this important warning on proper pardah by Hadhrat Yunus Patel Rahmatullahi Alaihi

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