AUDIO 42- Mufti Saeed Motara-Refuting The Vile Hater of Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum

When the ANC MP, The accursed Khalid Sayed last year on Muharram 1444, on laylatul Aashura in the Shia headquarters accused the honourable Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum of being disbelievers (Allah Ta’laa protect us from saying such kufr)

The Khabeeth after attracting the worst criticism fearing his life, apologized to the public for hurting the feelings of people but he didn’t make his tawbah public! Our concern is the fact that they continue to swear our Sahabah Radhiyalluhu Anhum. The Kuffar Shia are the worst on the surface of the earth!

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