Breaking: Modi Arrest Probe Gains Momentum

SAKAG (SA Kashmiri Action Group) and MLA (Muslim Lawyers Association), as co-complainants who lodged an application to secure the arrest of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are upbeat that progress is underway.

Following their meeting on Thursday with NPA prosecutorial team and SAPS DPIC appointed team, they have expressed hope that a warrant of arrest for alleged war crimes and crime against humanity is imminent.

SAKAG represented by Salman Khan and MLA represented by Attorney Yousha Tayob, reviewed merits of their comprehensively detailed complaint with investigation unit of the NPA and SAPS.

The process underway will involve interviews with witnesses who form an integral part of the extensive complaint.

As this due process is underway, it holds the promise of the issuance of warrant of arrest and possibly the arrest of PM Modi, if he lands in South Africa to attend the BRICS Summit.

Both SAKAG and MLA are determined to ensure that Modi faces the full might of the law for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Occupied Kashmir and In India.

In late May 2023 SAKAG and MLA jointly relaunched the war crime case to NPA in 600 pages dossier including prima facie cases and 200 FIRS reports. The original case was opened in july 2018 in South Africa.

Salman Khan and Yousha Tayob thanks South African government and directorate of NPA to taking interest and assisting us for seeking justice for the victims of oppression and gross human rights violations at had hands of indian armed forces in Indian illegally occupied Kashmir.

Justice may delayed but never be denied for the people of kashmir, they too have right to live peacefully without any oppression of illegal occupier like state of Israel to Palestinian people.

Kashmir tearing for the right of self determination as promised and enshrined in UNSC resolution 47 of 1948.

Aluta continua

For media enquiries:

Salman khan
Founder and chairman SAKAG
082 691 6048

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