Exclusive Interview with Television Bin Shaytaan (For Adults and Children)

Q1. What is your full name, Sir?

Ans: Television ibn Iblees

Q2. When were you born?

Ans: Early twentieth century

Q3. Please tell us about your family background.

Ans. My father is well known in the world. He used to hang around with the angels. When Allah Ta’alaa ordered him to bow down to your Father, Aadam Alaihis Salaam, he refused to. So, he was asked to leave the Land. Since then he is an open enemy of you and your kind. His aim is to lead you all away from Allah Ta’alaa. I am very proud I could help my father in his mission.

Q4. Just how do you help your father?

Ans. Well there are many ways, but the most important ones are:

A] To show films, dramas and music shows that will hold their intention.

B] To make various crimes like violence, robbery, murder etc. seem more appealing in the hope that it will eventually become your behaviour. Some of your educated ones become angry at my success. What they don’t realize is that although they do not become influenced by me as the television , I still entice them with music, dances, etc.

C] I am very proud to say that I am the best brain washer in the world especially to children and bored adults.

D] The work I enjoy the most and get the most satisfaction from is keeping human beings away from their Creator. I enjoy it when a human being, Allah’s best creation, turns away from Him.

Q5. Can you prove your success?

Ans. Yes, I can. If one compares the behaviour of humans today to that of their behaviour before I was invented, he can easily get the answer. I am an addiction. People cannot do without me. Just look around you. I am everywhere. In homes worldwide, in restaurants, newspapers, magazines. I am even in the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah. And that is the greatest achievement of mine. I must thank you for advertising me, although I do not need it. I can truly say that there are very few homes I am not in. Some people are addicted to me that they spend hours in front of me, sometimes the entire day or night. They neglect their duties to their Creator and their families because they enjoy my company so much. And because they spend so much time with me, they eventually find my ideas of atheism, crime, jealousy, lying, music, fashion etc. very appealing.

Q6. Do you have any friends?

Ans: Oh yes! They are just so successful as I am. They are the cinema, video, satellite and the internet, These are just my best friends. I have so many other acquaintances that are becoming successful as I am. Like photoghraphy, computer games and the cell-phone.

Q7. Do you have any opponents?

Ans: Yes. The Quraan Shareef, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam and the Masjid.

Q8. Why?

Ans: Because these things keep people away from me and teaches them about how much better their lives would be if they were close to Allah Ta’alaa. It is difficult to entice these people as long as they hold fast on to the Qur’aan, the Sunnah and for men to be frequenting the Masjid. However, the moment they show signs of weakness, it becomes easier to influence them.

Q9. What is your ultimate ambition?

Ans: To serve my father Iblees in the best way possible. Iblees continuously teaches me new ideas on how to lead you all astray. And we are becoming more and more successful because the Imaan of your people are becoming more and more weaker.

Q10. If Iblees weren’t your father and leader, what advice would you give to your readers?

Ans: That’s easy. We are all responsible for our own fates. My father and I provide temporary and worldly pleasures during your lifetimes. But you all have to eventually die and meet your Creator, Who will deal with you in the eternal life that is to come. And when that time comes, what would you wish you had done whilst on this earth? I’ll leave that question for you all to answer.

Allah Ta’alaa says:

0. those who believe, do not take My enemy and your enemy as friends having love for them. (60:1)

Explanation: Shaytaan and his temptations are the true enemies of Allah Ta’alaa, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and all of us. Thu, we should not spend time with these enemies as we will be influenced by them.

There is no difference in watching television on a big screen or animate videos on our phones, both have the same evil effect thus we should not lay our eyes on this Haraam. Allah Ta’alaa guide us and give us the understanding. Aameen!

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