Hays (حيس) Dessert With Dates

Ummul Mu’minin, Sayyidah Aa’shah Radhiyallu Anha relates, “One day Nabi ﷺ asked me if there was anything to eat. I informed him that there was nothing to eat. He ﷺ said, “I will fast then”, and left the home. When he ﷺ returned, I informed him that somebody had sent a gift and I had kept some for him. Nabi ﷺ enquired what it was and I told him that it was Hays. Nabi ﷺ asked for it, and when I offered it, he ate.” -Sahih Muslim, Vol.1

Sayyiduna ‘Abdullah Ibn Busr Radhiyallu Anhu narrates, “Nabi ﷺ once came to my father’s home. My father presented a dessert made with dates, and Nabi ﷺ ate it.” –Sahih Muslim/ Tirmizi / Sirat, Vol. 7

Note: Nabi ﷺ was fond of Hays. A narration reported by Sayyidah Aayesha Radhiyallahu Ana affirms that Nabi ﷺ was fond of Hays. -Sirat, Vol. 7

Allamah Ayni Rahmatullahi Alaihi writes that this particular dish is made with dates, cheese, and ghee [concentrated butter]. Sometimes cheese is substituted with flour. Such dishes are known as desserts in our society

The Sublime Conduct of Nabi ﷺ

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