Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu recited the following couplets:

Far from being a sick man, I am a powerful archer

And my bow has a sturdy string

Arrows with long and wide shafts glide over it

Death is true whereas life is fake

Whatever Allah has destined will certainly happen to a man

And man will have to return to Him

May my mother forsake me if I do not fight you

Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu also said the following:

I am Abu Sulaymaan with arrow made by (the expert arrow-maker) Mu’qad

And with a bow that is like a kindled fire

I feel no fear when a warrior comes storming on a speedy camel

And my shield is made from the hide of a bull with little hair

(To top it all) I am a firm believer in everything revealed to Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam)

Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu then fought the Mushrikeen until he and his two companions were matyred. After killing Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu, the Hudhayl intended to severe his head to sell it to Sulaafa bin Sa’d bin Shuhayd. When her son was killed in the Battle of Uhud, she made a vow that if she ever got the head of Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu, she would drink swine from his skull. However a swarm of wasps protected his body. When the Mushrikeen were prevented from getting to it, they said, ” Leave him until the evening when the wasps would have left. We can then have him.” Allah then sent heavy rains flowing down the valley, which carried his body away.

Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu’s Hatred For The Mushrikeen

Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu had made a promise to Allah that because the Mushrikeen were impure, none of them should ever touch him and he would not touch any of them either. When the news of the wasps protecting the body of Hadhrat Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu reached Hadhrat Umar Radhiyallahu Anhu, he said, “Allah protects the Mu’min servant. Aasim Radhiyallahu Anhu vowed that no mushrik should touch him and that he would not touch any Mushrik during his lifetime. So Allah prevented it from happening after death just as Allah prevented it during his lifetime.”

Hayatus Sahaabah

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