Resolving a Baseless Claim from the Anti-Akaabireen Camp

A message which the anti Akabireen camp used and abused in an attempt to lay to allegations reads:


After the Jamiat KZN post, we have been apprised by quite a few individuals regarding Zak park hosting the same individual.

Amongst those who had apprised us and who had specifically requested to post on the issue is Maulana Abdul Aziz Amod db who felt that this wrong should be spoken about regardless of who has done so and more specifically with regards to Zak park which is a Madrasah that everyone looks upto.

Hosting such an individual could have disastrous effects on the awaam who could take such hosting to be an approval of his activities.

Regardless of whether he is hosted in the Haram shareef any other venue,the harm of such will still remain. 


Hazrat Maulana Abdul aziz Amod db is a senior aalim and Imaam in PMB, the Ayah “and he does not fear the reproach of those who reproach in the way of Allah” applies quite aptly to Maulana who is determined that haqq should be spoken and interfaith should be spoken against regardless of who bolsters such 

May Allah reward Maulana” (End of viral message)


First we have to determine if the Moulana in question has a history of interfaith:

The Moulana referred is Dr Muhammad Ilyas, Imaam of Faisal Masjid Islamabad. The website – NATIONAL RAHMATUL-LIL-AALAMEEN WA KHATAMUN NABIYYIN has his direct profile and history:

He is a celebrated student of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Centre for Interreligious & Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), Vienna, Austria. KAICIID International Fellowship In 2016. The institute has acknowledged his time spent there completing the course.

Once you are regarded as a “fellow” (in their interfaith jargon) then you are basically an agent for them. As we see above the interrelgious course was complete. There was a curriculum developed called, “Religious Sites as a Pedagogical Tool” where they explain further it is “to promote inter-religious dialogue. Initially the fellows we trained the fellows, how to organise religious site visits. We also do the practical aspects of planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating religious site visits. These reflection sessions also motivate Fellows, so when they go back to their own communities, they also design and implement religious site visits within in their own communities………..”

This means men and women from all faiths will come together in the Masaajid to discuss issues. This also means when a so called Muslim enters the sites of other religions, they would have to respect and honour their idols and places of worship.

Ironically Dr Muhammed Ilyaas was informed of the dangers of the Abrahamic Accord at the Darul Uloom Zakariyya Jalsah and even spoke against it at the Jalsah on the 15th Sha’baan 1445 at about 12:10pm. Listen:

“Conditions are extremely strange, the Saheb who spoke prior to me, in the name of the (so called) Deen of Ibrahim (Alaihis Salaam- referring to the Abrahamic Accord) and in the name of tolerance and it is not known upon what what names and new new nets (of evil) are being flung for (trapping) the Muslims…………….”

Secondly it is strange that the speaker finds this condition strange though a course was studied in the name of interfaith. It is also strange that all these allegations were made upon the Muhtamim Hadhrat Moulana Shabbier Saloojee Daamat Barakaatuh where as prior to the interreligous Moulana Muhammed Ilyaas speaking, Moulana Burhaan Mia Daamat Baraakatuhu had emphatically addressed the issue of interfaith/abrahamic accord:

After the interreligious Ml Muhammed Ilyaas spoke, Moulana Shabbier Saloojee Daamat Barakaatuhu spoke of a whole bag of fitan. Infact it must be noted for many years now Moulana Shabbier Saheb has been warning this Ummah about the fitnah of interfaith and the Abrahamic Accord when many did not know about this evil unfolding globally. Go and witness our audio collection or simply find the link at the end of this article.

Thus it is extremely bizarre to assume that Moulana Shabbier Saloojee knew the background of the unplanned voice of the interrelgious Moulana Ilyaas. However when it was brought to Moulana Shabbier Saloojee’s notice, the response was filled with regret:

A question to pose to the Anti Akaabireen camp is:

Can they apologize for all the intentional brazen promotions of interfaith?

Go and witness their shocking unapologetic interfaith prayers that took place and their calls to this prayer was put up in Masaajid! Tap the link below:

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