The Qur’ān Majīd is clear and warns us not to even take such people (the Kuffār and Idolators) as bosom buddies,

Allāh Ta’ālā says,

“O Those who believe, do not take as friends those who have taken your Faith in jest and fun, those who have been given the Book prior to you, and the disbelievers. And fear Allāh, if you are believers.” (al-Qur’ān al-Karīm, Ch 5 – Surah al-Mā’idah V57)

Hatred for Kufr and Shirk and that which is attached to it allows one to experience the halāwah (sweetness) of Imān. Rasūlullah ﷺ mentioned,

“If three qualities are found in a person, he will experience the sweetness of Imān:

1) that Allāh Ta’ālā and Rasūlullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam become more beloved to him than everything else

2) that he loves a person only for the sake of Allāh Ta’ālā

3) and that he hates returning to disbelief after Allāh Ta’ālā rescued him from it, just as he detests being cast into a fire.” (Bukhāri, Muslim)

Muhadithīn explain the sweetness in three ways:

  1. The enjoyment in obedience to Allāh Ta’ālā and to endure the hardest of trials for Allāh Ta’ālā and Rasūlullah ﷺ.
  2. Choosing Dīn in any matter that is in conflict with it.
  3. A physical taste of sweetness on the tongue that Allāh Ta’ālā gives to whom He wills.

When the sweetness has now lost its flavour on the tongue, the taste of that which is utterly bitter becomes the norm. Then Imān will weaken until a point one will not have any dislike for kufr. Allāh Ta’ālā protect us!

When one now goes to the extent of embracing the specific dress of the Mushrikīn, the Fuqahā have ruled:

يكفر بوضع قلنسوة المجوس علي رأسه علي الصحيح

“A person commits kufr by placing upon his head the hat of the fire worshippers”

فتاوی عالمگیری (الفتاوی الھندیۃ)

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