The Ramadhaan of Hazrat Shah Abdul Raheem Raipuri Saheb is also described in TAZKIRA-E-KHALEEL. He was a man with tremendous love and zeal for teaching of the Quraan, for which purpose he was instrumental in the erection of numerous Quraanic schools in the rural areas in and around the district od Dehradun (North India).

He had great love for the recitation of the quraan. He was himself a Hafiz and it was one of his general habits to spend practically the whole of the night in tilawat. Of the whole 24 hours of the day it was hardly ever that he slept for one hour during the night. He loved solitude and felt depressed at the presence of people in his company as it robbed him of the opportunity of tilawat. The time between Asr and Maghrib was set aside for meeting the public (as was the time from 9 to 10 in the morning). Apart from these times, except if it was for special necessity, he did not meet anyone. He generally kept the door of his room closed and enjoyed his solitude when he was in contact and communication with his Lord and Master alone.

As far as his diet is concerned he was a man who ate very simply and so little but in Ramadhaan he ate even less. So ascetic was his life that onlookers felt pity for him in view of his heavy spiritual exertion. During Ramadhaan even the majlis gatherings in the morning and the afternoon after Asr were cancelled. At sehri time he hardly consumed a cup of tea and a piece of roti.

Initially Hazrat used to perform and lead tarawee himself. He would finish it at about 2:30 a.m. later his body became so weak that instead of being a reciter he was forced to become a listener. Apart from his own recitations, he also used to listen to the Quraan recited three or four times over.

Because Ramadhaan was a time when he remained awake throughout the night and because his main activity at this time was tilawat, the coming and going of visitors was suspended during Ramadhaan.

(Inspite of what was said above, the fact of the matter is that the coming and going of visitors was infact greatly increased during Ramadhaan. But there was no arrangements as before for meeting Hazrat and for conversation. Those who came to visit were merely allowed to see him as he proceeded to and from his house to the Masjid without direct contact or conversation). (Zakariya)

Even his office was closed in Ramadhaan for the whole month (except for very rare urgent cases). Any letter arriving at that time would only be read to him and answered after Eid. Hazrat was a man who was continuously busy with zikrullah. This was his actual spiritual food. It was through his zikr that he received that inner and physical strength, which no medicine can provide.

As already said Ramadhaan was a time when numerous visitors came along without the opportunity of meeting him directly. Many were sincere seekers after the true spiritual life. Being people who loved him, they had to confine themselves to seeing him as he came and went to the masjid. As for those whom he had directed his spiritual attentions, and where in need thereof, longing for it, this was a trying time as they felt deprived.

In ‘AAP BEETI’ while discussing ‘The Declaration of Allahs favours, I wrote

‘During the last Ramadhaan of the life of my father, I (Moulana Zakariyya) desired to spend Ramadhaan 1334AH with Hazrat Raipuri (and wrote to him). Hazrat wrote back:’ In Ramadhaan I do not go anywhere and I do not meet anyone. Please remain where you are and continue the good works there.’

Thereafter I asked for permission to come to him during the last 10 days. The reply is quoted in ‘AAP BEETI’.

‘The same reason that I had for not giving permission for you to be here at the beginning of Ramadhaan, prevails at the end of Ramadhaan. But it seems, you and your father are exerting force upon me, and if so, what is there that poor ones like myself can do? This seems like mere coercion from you. I have already given my reply. Further, whatever zikr Hazrat Molana had commanded, continue with that ..’

On reading this letter my late father said:

‘ If you go there, Hazrats solitude will be interfered with and he will have to worry about your food, drink etc. so do not worry him and put him in to difficulty.’

Adapted From Akaabireen ki Ramadhan

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