Trapped In The Company Of An Unreliable Sheikh

If after having become a mureed, a man discovers that he is trapped in the company of an unreliable shaikh (or he lacks confidence in his shaikh), the mureed should refrain from acquiring ta’leem from the shaikh even if the latter takes offence. In this instance the displeasure of the shaikh is baseless, hence not harmful. However, the mureed should not oppose the shaikh nor be disrespectful towards him. (He should honourably sever his ties with the shaikh).

It is futile to acquire ta’leem from a man on whom the mureed has no confidence. Confidence is conditional for acquiring benefit from a shaikh. If one lacks confidence in the shaikh, his ta’leen will not have a beneficial effect on the heart . It is for this reason I refer mureeds to other Mashaaikh. When I observe that they lack confidence in me, I send them to others. (i.e. to other Mashaaikh)

Malfoothat Of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi

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