A question that is topping every Muslim in South Africa is how does the current coalition affect the country Islamically. Just yesterday we were making the earth vibrate in our marches which we thought ideally would reach Allah Ta’alaa. Allah Ta’alaa says Himself:

“It is the same ˹to Him˺ whether any of you speaks secretly or openly, whether one hides in the darkness of night or goes about in broad daylight.”

Verse 9, Chapter 13 – Surah Ar-Ra’d

What really reaches Allah Ta’alaa, which we learnt well during these recent days of Qurbaani:

Neither their meat nor blood reaches Allah. Rather, it is your piety that reaches Him.

Verse 37, Chapter 22 – Surah Al-Hajj

The bigmouths have toppled the naive leaving them drowning in dangerous deep waters. To be quite realistic in our approach to find the truth, the Hague has not passed a decision till now in favour of Palestine. The pointless noise aside, it is only the help of Allah Ta’alaa that is with the Mujahideen who are stiving in His path to rescue Gazzah. According to the Times of Israel, Israel’s military spokesman, Danial Hagari has confirmed “This business of destroying Hamas, making Hamas disappear — it’s simply throwing sand in the eyes of the public,”

Rather we find a shocking reality, Moulana Ebrahim Bham’s compadre in interfaith prayers, the Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein was called to pray at the inauguration for Ramaphosa on Wednesday, 19th June 2024. You do recall how these two are commonly known as ‘old praying mates’:

It comes as a surprise, just now the other day Warren travelled to Israel saying that the ANC “does not speak in our name; that we stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in the battle against the forces of evil”. Yes, he called the Israeli soldiers killing our babies, wounding the women and killing the already wounded in Palestinian hospitas as “brave”.

Let’s indulge in this article of the Daily Maverick for a moment:

By Mervyn Bennun 19 Mar 2024  

Not in my name, Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein – not in my name (

The once upon a time Rabbi who removed ANC from his prayers:

Changes his Tune:

The inauguration kicked off with interfaith prayers as usual, however it was rather peculiar that this round of interfaith prayers showed no welcome signs for the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa. This years round of interfaith prayers included Arch Bishop Thabo Magoba who represented the Christian Churches, Maharaj represented the Hindu’s, Sheikh Riyaad Fattaar represented the MJC (an entity that started in a Church claiming to represent Muslims but has no Islam whatsoever) and Chief Rabbi of South Africa representing the Jews, Zionists of SA. Riyaad Fattaar has chosen the enemies of Allah Ta’alaa to pray with. Befriending such is far fetched where on the scale would you place a prayer with those whom Allah Ta’alaa’s constant wrath descends upon!

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein posted on his facebook account shortly after the 19th June 2024 prayer:

“On the other hand, it is a government that includes the same president and party who behaved in such an unforgivable and reprehensible way since October 7, supporting Hamas and Iran against Israel. And they remain unrepentant. More than that, there are strong indications that the ANC will continue to set the government agenda when it comes to international relations and foreign policy.”


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