A ‘teeth shattering’ reply

Once, someone posed an objection to Hadhrat Moulana Isma’eel Shaheed Saheb Rahmatullahi Alayh, that keeping a beard was against fitrah (nature). as a person is not born with a beard. Hence, we should all shave our beards. Moulana Isma’eel Shaheed Rahmatullahi Alayh spontaneously replied, ” In that case you should extract all your teeth, as this is also against fitrat (nature). One is not born with teeth.”

On hearing this reply, Hadhrat Moulana Abdul Hayy Saheb Rahmatullahi Alayh who was the friend of Hadhrat Moulana, mentioned, “You gave him a teeth shattering reply”

Malfoozaat of Faqeehul- Ummah

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