A Template For You To Reject SA’s Draft Marriage Bill

Good day

I, as a Muslim South African citizen, have perused the Draft Marriage Bill, 2022.

I strongly object to it on the following grounds:

  1. It will violate my religion’s right solemnize marriages below 18 years old.
  2. It will violate the principles of my religion by forcing a wife’s presence during a marriage solemnization.

In effect, it will force women to be in the presence of men which they are not islamically permitted to be in the company of.

  1. It will have the oppressive consequence of imprisoning our Imaams (leaders) who solemnize marriages but are not marriage officials.

I humbly appeal to refrain from enacting the draft bill & have it amended to be harmonious with the Islamic Faith.

Yours faithfully

E-mail: Moses.Malakate@dha.gov.za / Agnes.Molefe@dha.gov.za

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