An Investigation into a Mysterious Document of the Jamiatul Ulama SA

While the world has their eyes on the final decision of the International Court of Justice due to the crimes and genocide committed by the squatters i.e., Israel, we need a decision of justice in SA. The laws of our Creator has been tampered with and up to this day there are no signs of retraction nor are they apologetic. This leaves their waywardness as a model for future catastrophes holding us Muslim’s responsible in the court of Allah Ta’alaa, if we were to hide the truth and not defend the law of our Sustainer!

Hiding the Facts Similar to the Genocide

We have seen on many occasions, in particular since the 7th of Oct, the deceit and lies to justify the killing in Gazzah. This approach unfortunately has spilled over into our societies and for once you be the judge, if you were to be fair in your final decision

The Investigation Begins

Once again, in an attempt to wipe out the truth from the surface of the web the Jamiat has made the website inaccessible. Thus when attention is brought to their notice that you are the ones that have done such a major crime, you have unapologetically closed the Masaajid. Their reply is but we were just following protocols of the government. Then we produce from their website that even before the government, 5 days before the government enforced the law, you bootlicked them in an attempt to please the president. How will you answer when 25 Salaah’s are the count that you prevented men from worshiping Allah Ta’alaa the way that they were ought to worship Allah Ta’alaa.

However to wipe out from our memory what they have done, this proof like others cannot be found or accessed from their website anymore. The Fadhl of Allah Ta’alaa, it has been preserved and in shaa Allah until they do not repent in public for their brutal transformation of the Shari’ah, they will always be remembered as the closers of the Masaajid!

Let’s present to you their cunning ways:

  1. If one goes to google and types in:

2. Click on the result, ‘the lockdown: Importance of Staying the Course. It should bring you to this page, however and strangely so, the desired result is not brought up. Rather the homepage is brought up. See :

3. It proves inaccessible, so we now want to view the mystery document that has become inaccessible. Please present it to us:

4. Please pinpoint the proof in this document that the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa made a call for the suspension of congregations in the Masjid:

5. Look back at the evidence from their document which they hide but is preserved, Alhamdulillah:

It clearly says, “In the interest of public health and safety, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) made a call for the suspension of congregation, as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus on 22nd March 2020”

Further it states, “Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, announced a 21-day national lockdown, from midnight, on Friday 27th March 2020”

They called for the suspension on the 22nd March 2020. The president called for the lockdown to begin on Friday 27th March 2020.

This deception and lies continues up to this day whereas the solution is simple:

  1. Remorse
  2. Repent
  3. Public announcement so this filth is never to be used as a model for future generations
  4. Don’t repeat

Talks are on about covid spreading around the world again, we cannot afford a second wave of deceit. Allah Ta’alaa protect us all.

Moulana Moosa Akoodie, a well wisher from and for the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa has begged the Jamiat with regards to this, access the link and listen to the audio below: (Also access the audio category and listen to all the clips surrounding this from many senior and leading scholars of Darul Ulooms in SA speaking against these atrocities regarding the closure of Masaajid. For ease, access this link

Remember what the president had said how we have to ramp up the cases. Consider the article:


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