Audio 31 – Ml Ebrahim Dewla – Photography Is Haraam

🔊 Hadhrat Moulana Ebrahim Devla Saheb حفظه الله تعالى ورعاه 📸🚫

In a recent gathering in South Africa, Hadhrat Moulana Ebrahim Devla Saheb commented: (Summarised translation)

➡️ People are capturing photographs 📸 , It is undoubtedly, undeniably Haraam (impermissible) 📵

➡️ This is a blessed gathering wherein Deen is being propagated and the laws of ALLAAH TA’ALA are being expounded upon, why are we polluting it (with this photography)

➡️ Such stern warnings ⚠ are sounded in the Ahadith for the sin of photography.

➡️ On such Hadith Shareef is: on the day of Qiyaamah, in front of the entire creation, a neck will emerge from Jahannam and single out the picture-makers to be flung into Jahannam. (Tirmidhi 2574)

➡️ Why are you making this act a means of you entering the hell-fire? It’s a very serious matter!

➡️ We should resort to excessive Taubah!

➡️ Limit the usage of the mobile phone 📱! It is a tool of futility.

➡️ Sayyiduna Ali رضي الله عنه used to say “The tools of futility will diminish (the respect) of the Qur’aan Shareef”, henceforth people find no enjoyment in the recital of the Qur’aan e Kareem

➡️ This is a great evil, yet it is done with great enjoyment.

➡️ If done for a pressing need, that’s in its place.

➡️ We’ve become oblivious of the prohibition (of photography) by ALLAAH TA’ALA and carry it out with enthusiasm.

➡️ This is the height of ignorance (to take photographs), moreso in these blessed gatherings!



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