Blood Sucking Hell Fees & Medical Aid Due to Dharoorah (Necessity) – Majlis

The following statement has been extracted from the Majlis Vol.27 no. 03, page 2 under the title “SAMIA MEDICAL INSURANCE

“Some Ulama have opined that today, due to the real need (Dhuroorah), the haraam medical aid schemes are permissible. The issue of medical feels is absolutely appalling, scandalous and constitutes nothing but usurpation and blood-sucking by doctors. The situation in state hospitals could be equated to Hell. Thus, on the basis of the Shar’i principle of Dhuroorah, some Ulama say that medical aid is today permissible.

While we reject with the scorn the stupid arguments which the ‘barber’ muftis proffer, the basis for permissibility proferred by others has credibility.

It is therefore permissible to accept the view of permissibility of these Ulama who base their view on a valid principle of the Shari’ah”

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