Solace for those who Lost a Baby/Child

Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi shares this incident:

Once there was a pious saint who never got married. Upon occasion he was sleeping and suddenly he began saying, “bring a female!”. A sincere mureed (disciple) was present brought his pure daughter and instantly (with her consent and father’s consent), Nikaah took place.

Allah Ta’aala had gifted them with a child who had passed away. He (the saint) said to his wife, “my objective with you is now complete, now you have a choice, if you wish for the worldly life then I will let you go for it, allowing you to marry who you wish, however if you wish to spend the remainder of your life in the remembrance of Allah Ta’alaa then you may stay here. Due to this wife witnessing his company and this entered the inner recesses of her heart, she said, “I am not going anywhere!” Thus they remained together in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala.A few of the saint’s close associates asked, “Hadhrat, what was this all about?”

The saint responded, “The incident is as such, I was sleeping, and I saw the plains of resurrection and people were crossing the “pul-siraat” (the bridge which will be thinner than a hair, it’s length will be 500 years up, 500 years straight and 500 years down. Those who perform their 5 daily Salaah will cross it with the speed of lightning). One person I saw was struggling and slipping to pass and instantly a child came and held the hand of this person and he crossed swiftly.I then enquired, “who is this person?”It was said to me, “This was that child who passed away in his childhood”. From this I took guidance and my eyes opened, my lifelong objective that I must not be deprived of this virtue. Perhaps my child will be the cause for my rescue thus I made Nikaah and my mission was accomplished.

Is there anyone who can dare say upon the death of their child that their mission is accomplished? This is the courage of the Ahlullah (the people of Allah Ta’ala). Thus, if a child passes away or lives and becomes treasure for the Aakhirat then such a child is a bounty otherwise the living of that child is a calamity!

The Quraan Majeed mentions the incident of Hadhrat Khidr Alaihis Salaam and Moosa Alaihis Salaam that Hadhrat Khidr Alaihis Salaam killed one child and Moosa Alaihis Salaam, “you killed a innocent child?”

Firstly Hadhrat Khidr Alaihis Salaam put down a condition for Moosa Alaihis Salaam to stay in his company that there should be no rejection in the acts carried out that is why Hadhrat Khidr Alaihis Salaam said, “I told you in the beginning you do not possess the patience to withstand it”. After that when mentioning the wisdom of the incidents that took place, (from the three incidents this incident) that this child’s parents were Mu’mineen and this child would grow up turning apostate and due to the parents love for this child, these parents would turn kufr too.

In this incident we know, that child that leaves this temporary abode whilst in the childhood phase is better! Thus through this means those who are Deeny will feel emotional but will not cause such a disastrous distress as this person understands Allah Ta’alaa is Al-Hakeem.Understand this to be an investment as if this child had to grow up, he could have turned to kufr and would turn you too towards it.

Understand well, just the way children are a bounty and not to have is also a bounty rather however those who are barren or had but passed on should express even more gratitude!

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