Yet another shaitaan then comes forward and says, “I continued to mislead so-and-so until he committed zina.” When Iblees hears this, he becomes pleased and says, “You are the one who has accomplished something great!”

A fourth shaitaan then presents himself before Iblees and says, “I continued to make an effort on so-and-so until he began to drink wine.” On hearing this, Iblees becomes extremely happy and says, “You are the one who has really achieved something!”

Finally, a fifth shaitaan comes to Iblees and says, “I continued to lead so-and-so astray until he committed murder.” Hearing this, Iblees is most pleased and exclaims, “You are the one! You are the one who has achieved the greatest accomplishment!” (Makaaid-ush-Shaytaan #36)

From this Hadith, we understand the evil consequence of consuming liquor as well as getting involved in all intoxicants – that it is the root cause for one committing major sins and disobeying Allah Ta‘ala.

In fact, in the Mubaarak Hadith, it is mentioned that the one who consumes wine or liquor, it is as though his Imaan leaves him for that moment.

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “The one committing zina is not a mu’min at the time when he is committing zina. The one consuming wine is not a mu’min at the time when he is consuming wine. The thief is not a mu’min at the time when he is stealing.” (Saheeh Bukhaari #5578)

May Allah Ta‘ala save the ummah from falling into this destructive sin of consuming wine, drugs and all other intoxicants.


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