Hadhrat Sheikh Moulana Zakariyya Rahmatullahi Alaihi writes in Aap Beti,

“It was always my view and the advice that I give to my friends that they should follow the Sunnat of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam diligently, as long as it does not go contrary to their mazhab

Some time ago I wrote a series of articles on the differences between the Imams, which was published in the monthly ‘Al Muzahir’ and continued to appear for as long as the monthly was published, In it, indicated the reasons for the differences together with examples. I also explained that even if for some reason or other the statements of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam not to be in accordance with our reason, wisdom or significance of a Hadith, the fault of not comprehending it should be attributed to our own lack of understanding.

Perhaps I wrote somewhere about my youngest daughter , of the time when she was starting to read Qaida Baghdadi. She was only four or five, when she read the lesson ‘Aana-baana’. I like this fight she had with her mother. She was perplexed that when Alif was added the word turned out to be ‘Aana’. When ‘ba’ was added, it became ‘baana’, ‘taana’ etc. But why was it that when ‘hamza’ was added, it became ‘aana’ and not ‘hamzaana’? She argued with her mother who could not answer her query and only said: “When your father comes home, you had better ask him.”

The child said: “I will just read it and learn it as ‘hamazaana’.”

In the afternoon the query was brought to me. All I could tell her was: “You are still a child. When you are bigger you will understand, then you must ask me.”

The other sister again wanted to know, why it was that when milk is heated, cream comes in top of it.

I cannot understand why it is, that in the rules and regulations of Shari’at, each one of us looks upon himself as a clever research student. What we should actually do is that when something is not understood by us, we should tell ourselves that the rank of Nabuwwat (prophethood) is way beyond us. Our understanding and intelligence can never reach up to that level.

For example, look at the ghusl for janaabat. All the time our Jurists have written that the command of ghusl is one which is contrary to reason (Amr ta-abbudi= command of worship) because ‘Manee’ (sperm) are excluded through a small opening of the private parts but an order is given to wash the whole body. The Jurists just called it an ‘Amr ta-abbudi’ and left it at that.

For some time I have had the habit of reading almost everything I lay my hands on. One day I read an article wherein the researches of a few doctors were mentioned. They theorised that when sperm is released from the body, at that time of desire, a certain harmful substance also is expelled through all the pores of the skin surface. This is invisible to the naked eye. If it is not removed from the skin, it is again drawn inside and absorbed by the body and causes harmful effects. For this reason it is necessary to wash it off with soap.

Reading this gave me much enjoyment because now it gave a scientific reason for explaining the need for ghusl after ejeculation of sperm, even though for the sake of the comfort of the Ummat, Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam had practically shown, the permission for performing ghusl after a delay.

Similarly is the case with the growing of beards of men and the braiding of women’s hair. For a long time I have been hearing that the disease of teeth rotting is so common in western countries, that young girls have to extract all their teeth and have artificial (false) teeth made for them (or have to use braces). Some time ago I read an article by certain doctors who stated that for the welfare and well being of the teeth, men’s beards and ladies braided locks play a very important part. Similarly the doctors also proved that circumcision was most effective in avoiding many diseases like gonorrhoea nad syphilis.”

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