Moulana AS Desai’s (The Majlis) Letter From Prison

Moulana Ahmed Sadeq Desai Saheb Daamat Baraakatuhu more commonly known as ‘The Majlis’ wrote this letter in the year 1999 when the kufr forces locked Hadhrat up in Bangladesh. This letter wakes up our dead spiritual souls. Today in this world where the masses are selling the Deen, there are people living, willing to give their lives for the truth.

The letter reads:

“Rabiul-Awwal 1419 (28/6/99)


I just now received your letter. While you are making dua for me daily, I making dua for you and the others 5 times a day, after every Namaz. May Allah Ta’laa guide and protect you. May He grant us all a maut of ease, comfort, peace and Imaan. By the mercy of Allah I am fine and healthy

The anti-Islamic forces could not and cannot break me. Allah Ta’laa has protected me through out the ordeal which the forces of kufr in this country and from outside the country had conspired. They wanted to close down all the Madrasah’s in their evil plot of eliminating Islam in this country. But, they have miserably failed. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the country are demonstrating and threatening the government. They had demanded my release and are now demanding much more.
The country appears to be going up in flames. In arresting me, the government has made a terrible blunder. Not only did stir a hornet’s nest, it in fact, woke up a sleeping giant- the masses of hundreds of thousands of Ulama and students of Islam and other Islamic forces

Insha Allah much good will come out from my arrest. I am satisfied with whatever situation and direction Allah Ta’ala has chosen for me. The struggle against kufr must carry on even if we have to sacrifice our lives. We have come into this earth to fight for Islam and to die for Islam. We shall die only at our appointed time and in the place Allah Ta’alaa has destined for us. There is, therefore, nothing to worry about. Everything is controlled by Allah Ta’laa. I never cherished to die in my bed. Perhaps Allah Ta’laa wants me to lift the fallen flag of Islam and die under it in a hail of bullets of these kuffar. My life and my death is in Allah’s hands.

If Allah wills, I shall be back home soon. And if He wills otherwise, I am pleased and satisfied with His will. I have no choice in the matter. But, be rest assured that I shall not die like a mouse in the captivity of the Kuffar, Maut will, Inshaa Allah, come in a glorious manner.

I can never thank Allah Ta’laa sufficiently for all favours on me.
All of you remember Allah Ta’ala constantly. Empty the heart from all ill-feeling, hatred, malice and love of the world. Maut is staring at us in the face . Prepare for the Aakhirah. The time is running out

Ahmed Sadeq

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