Mufti Menk – Do you Agree, you have Changed?

The beautiful clear cut Shari’ah remains, it is we that have changed. When we have realized that we have shifted from the Shari’ah, should we not repent to the All Merciful and go back on to the beautiful teachings of Islam. Changing the Shari’ah is impossible but rather will call about humiliation upon ourselves. Rather work on changing ourselves. To change ourselves the Ulamaa need to teach us what they used to, the Shari’ah, not their desires!


You could say this one and that one is jealous or backbiting or is being harsh but what will you say when you used to preach the very same things which now you, yourself have abandoned. To abandon it “lawfully”, you had to sanction it. But your old golden words which happens to coincide with the truth still remains!

Listen below to what Mufti Menk advised the Ummah before:

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