‘Oops that Page’ is Removed Again – Menks Blessings Before the Church Ceremony

Once again the treachery will be exposed albeit in the name of Muslim School’s. If one seeks to access the link:

https://amsgauteng.co.za/nizamiye-mayfair-religious-studies- program

It will show:


So what have they concealed suddenly?

Was it their agenda of taking our Muslim daughters to the Church? They were boastful about their interfaith relations, why did did they all of a sudden feel the need to remove it?


Whose blessings was sought before heading for excursion to the St Francis Forest Town Methodist Church (which is currently concealed and removed from the website too)?

Why did they remove this content?

Beware of the AMS members (the so called Muslim schools) who wish to follow this brutal promotion which may result (Allah forbid) in the eternal failure of our children. All parents should rescue their children and to save others they should demand an open statement of a declaration of oath to clarify that interfaith will not be promoted. Access the website to identify which are its members:


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