Pork Meet’s ‘Halaal’ : Abusing the Freedom

Assalamualaikum Dear Ummah

I want to inform the Ummah that do not be surprised when you given the opportunity to promote goodness, you grabbed it and started to commercialize it for your own benefits. We have contacted the head of these Halaal organizations which scream their lungs when it comes boycotting but they cannot remove their Halaal logo’s because of the money coming in. If it was non profitable then what harm would it be to pull out?

Over and over again, you can walk into most stores you will see with your own eyes what I have been seeing throughout South Africa. The amount of pork breathing right next to their so called ‘Halaal’ is unbelievable! Look at this filth!

These are the shelves a group of us witnessed in Traderoute, Lenasia’s Woolworths. They cannot blame the stores management because we have informed them over many occasions. Infact the stores should abandon them for their lies and deception. They abuse the title of Halaal and when they get caught they blame the stores meantime they are enjoying all the funds coming in. Allah Ta’ala will take this freedom away if they continue to operate in money hunger style.

PORK SMASHING INTO THEIR SO CALLED HALAAL (Captured on the 26th January 2024, Time:13:07)

Have you noticed MJC’S logo above? Why do they have to clarify that there is no pork when it has a Halaal stamp? All this is not strange when we know well that the MJC started in a church. Check: https://www.news24.com/news24/mjc-celebrates-75-years-20200218

We’re we not informed, the public, to boycott these organizations due to their open LGBTQ stance, so I don’t understand, we should boycott while Halaal organizations can continue to fill their pockets? Here is NIHT and SANHA still sitting on their shelves? One wonders, the double standards?

Remember this?

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