Story Of A Woman Who Admitted Her Sin

A woman came to Rasûlullah ﷺ and said that she was deluded by shaytan into committing adultery. The ruling of the Shari’ah in this regard is that if a husband or wife commit adultery, he or she should be stoned to death. This woman knew this ruling and also understood that although she will lose her life by admitting to this sin, her fear of the punishment of the hereafter prompted her to come to Rasûlullah ﷺ. She related the entire incident to him so that he may mete out the punishment and thereby purify her. Another ruling of the Shari’ah is that if someone admits to committing a sin, the person should be deferred. Based on this, Rasûlullah ﷺ deferred this woman. However, she was so courageous that she came again and again admitting her sin and asking him to mete out the punishment. This woman was pregnant at that time so she was given a respite until the child is born and weaned. Once the child was weaned, she presented herself to Rasûlullah ﷺ out of her own accord so that he may mete out the punishment. At this stage, the punishment of stoning until death was meted out to her. When she died, someone uttered a few bad words about her.

Rasûlullah ﷺ replied: “Do not utter any evil about her. Her taubah is so great in the sight of Allah that if it were to be distributed among 70 people it would have been sufficient for their salvation. What can be greater than the fact that she gave her life for the sake of Allah Ta’ala.”

Lesson: The fear of Allah is a very great bounty. Allahu Akbar! What a great burden this woman bore. May Allah ﷻ also give us the good fortune of abandoning should repent over the sins that are committed against Allah. We also learn from sins and making faubah. Now there are no standard bearers of the Shari’ah. One this story that we should not look down upon someone who has made taubah, nor should we criticize the person as this is a major sin.

Bahishti Zewar

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