Once Hadhrat Bayazeed Bustaami Rahmatullahi Alaih read Surah Taha later then finds in his account of good deeds that Surah Taha was written in its entirety, however one place was left empty. To this Hadhrat enquired from the Angels, ” Why has this particular verse been left out, whereas I read it”

The Angels responded, “The time you intended to read this verse, one person happened to be passing by and to get his attention you decorated your voice which coined the intention as reading it for show. Therefore the recitation of that verse has not been accepted.


From this we learn that doing actions for the public eye is so sensitive that at times even the Elite Aa’rifeen are occasionally deluded into the snares while remaining unaware. ( The Aa’rifeen are those who seek to travel on a specific journey in sacrificing desires and pursuing Allah’s pleasure following the Shari’ah ardently)


In pursuit of remedying this condition of riya’ (ostentation) and after asserting the remedy proves to be beneficial, it is vital one keeps a critical observation over oneself and if it is not treated it would exacerbate to such a level that the mere contact with creation results in ostentation. Once the soul becomes prone to this disease and the roots are accustomed to this mentality then also together with The Creator these habits are adopted.

Seems Shocking To The Ears

The ears that witness this may seem shocked. What could be the situation where Riyaa with Allah Ta’laa is adopted?

Listen: A person read a short salaah. Another person comes and as a result the one who is praying lengthens his salaah. This is open riya (ostentation), riya with the Creator. Then in solitude too he adopts this ostentatious mindset: in front of creation he performed this ‘lengthy salaah’ therefore to read in solitude a lengthy salaah becomes now necessary. This is all done with this deceptive optical illusion that Allah Ta’laa must not take him to task for in public he performed a lengthy salaah and for Me (in solitude) you performed a short salaah? Therefore this type of salaah is not for Allah Ta’laa but rather to preserve that very salaah that was performed for show in front of the creation.

This is Riyaa with Allah Ta’laa.

Teachings Of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alayh

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