The Worst Punishment On The Day Of Qiyamah

A great Scholar Imaam Abu Zakariyya An-Nawawi Rahmatullahi Alaihi has dedicated a chapter in his outstanding compilation of Ahaadith, Riyaadhus Sawliheen؛

باب الغضب إذا انتهكت حرمات الشرع ، و الانتصار لدين الله تعالى

The Chapter On (Expressing) Anger When The Laws Of Shari’ah Are Contravened And To Support The Deen Of Allah Ta’ala

This already teaches us that one should not be happy when the laws of Allah Ta’laa are trampled on. This honour for Allah Ta’ala’s laws would be at the highest level for a believer in a natural setting and multiplied even more when he is one who is granted the knowledge of Nabbuwwah, he is considered an heir of the Ambiyaa Alaihimus Salaam. One cannot therefore stand the sight of a single law of Allah Ta’laa trampled upon. Allah Ta’laa forbid if it is, it leaves a bitter taste and he then uses all his abilities to defend that particular law of Allah Ta’laa.

Imaam Abu Zakariyya An-Nawawi Rahmatullahi Alaihi has thus included in the beginning of his chapter two verses of the Holy Quraan:

” and whoever observes the reverence of things sanctified by Allah, it is good for him with his Lord.”

Surah Al-Hajj : Verse 30

those who believe, if you will help (the religion prescribed by) Allah, He will help you, and will stabilize your footings”.

Surah Muhammed : Verse 7

This sets the direction of one in such a way that to uphold the laws of Allah Ta’laa becomes an effort which cannot be ignored.

The unfortunate circumstance is that individuals assist in demolishing the divine commands due to their worldly gains instead of honoring the Laws of the Shari’ah in lieu of the everlasting returns.

The result of those who came in the past, those who tampered with the laws of Allah Ta’laa, they were transformed into monkeys thereafter they were seized.

And certainly you have known those among you who transgressed in (the matter of) the Sabbath سبت . So, We said to them, Become apes, living in disgrace.”

Quran – Surah No. 2 البقرة Ayah No. 65

Forwarding to Hadith 649 of this chapter. The lesson is that Imaam An-Nawawi Rahmatullahi Alaihi draws us to how Rasullullah ﷺ responded to that which goes completely against the Shari’ah, namely animate pictures.

Hadhrat Aa’isha Radhiyallu Anha said,

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) visited me after returning from a journey, and I had a shelf with a thin cloth curtain hanging over it and on which there were pictures. When he saw it, the colour of his face changed (because of anger) and he said, “O ‘Aishah! the most grievous torment from Allah on the Day of Resurrection will be for those who imitate (Allah) in the act of His creation.” 

وعن عائشة رضي الله عنها قالت‏:‏ قدم رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من سفر وقد سترت سهوة لي بقرام فيه تماثيل فلما رآه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، تلون وجهه، وقال‏:‏ ‏ “‏يا عائشة، أشد الناس عذابًا عن الله يوم القيامة الذين يضاهون بخلق الله‏”‏ 

How could a believing lover of Rasullullah ﷺ ever take lightly this grave act of animate photography which caused Rasullullah ﷺ’s complexion to change, mentioning clearly what the worst punishment on the day of Qiyamah would be.

In another narration Rasullullah ﷺ said,

Verily the worst punishment on the day of Qiyamah is the picture makers


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