The Reality Of A (Faqir) Dervish Saint

Someone once asked Hadhrat Abdul Qader Jilaani Rahmatullahi about the reality of a faqeer (dervish), so Hadhrat said to him the word ‘faqeer’ is made up of four Arabic letters, (i.e ف ق ي ر) and the meaning of each of them are as follows:

  1. The first letter, (i.e. ف) means “فنا” and allude to the fact that a person should annihilate himself in front of the Being of Allah Ta’laa and that she should be totally void of the thought of his own virtues and praiseworthy characteristics. Together with that, he should not even be desirous of being praised by others.
  2. The second letter, (i.e قوة) means “قوة القلب” and allude to the fact that the strength of his heart should be attached to his beloved, Allah Ta’laa, and should be firm upon those things that attract His pleasure.
  3. The third letter, (i.e ي) means “يرجو و يخاف و يقوم بالتقوى” , the meaning of which is that the person keeps his heart attached to and hopeful in Allah Ta’laa, he keeps it fearful and he also keeps it firm upon abstention from all impermissible acts.
  4. The fourth letter, (i.e ر) means “رقة” and alludes to the fact that his heart is soft and pure and returns to Allah Ta’laa for the fulfilment of all his wishes and desires and even for the seemingly most insignificant of his needs.

Extracted From “Six Big Saints”

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