Tips And Remedies To Stock For Cold/Flu Season


“Im asking every one of you to stock up on natural healthcare necessaties as we are going through cold spells, weak immunity, not just on your baking and more baking and more fries and more inflammatory causing foods.

•Apple cider vinegar
•Olive oil
•Pure honey

•Fever blend
•Flu blend
•Baby immune boost
•Vitamin C and take it several times daily
•Vitamin d3 oil
•Nebulising meds, safe in pregnancy and baby use, use it for coughs, tight chest, start of a flu to kill the virus before it progresses, it also contains menthol, put a very small piece in boiling water for steam
•tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil to add to steam water
•garlic can be used in steaming
•colloidal silver, (natural antibiotic) a tablespoon 3x a day for adults and a tsp for children. Take for one week then stop.
•probiotics, The Aafiyah brand has one.

•Rub chest with flu blends
•Drink ginger, chamomile teas.
•Make echinacea, astragalus, Mullein tea and drink half cup every hour or so for few days.

Coughing can be a sign of low vitamin d3

Take 20 000iu 3x a week every morning for 2 or 3 months. Kids will take less.

Boil a pan of hot water, add a few drops of black seed oil to it, and then inhale the steam by drawing in a deep breath. If you’re suffering from a dry cough, you can even use a humidifier to increase the moisture content in your bedroom.

Stay Hydrated
Phlegm or slimy mucous can drip down the back of your nose and throat, irritating your airways and triggering cough attacks. One way to alleviate the symptoms of a viral infection is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Increasing your water intake can thin down mucous and make it less sticky. As a result, your throat will stop feeling scratchy and you will be less likely to cough. Also have steamed sliced onions with your meals as a salad or blend it into a soup with a few cloves.

Staying hydrated also has other benefits. It helps your lungs clear out excess mucous buildup. You also need water for optimal immune response. Our body releases histamine when it’s dehydrated. Histamine, an inflammatory organic compound, stimulates mucous production and causes your nose to swell up, increasing the risk of a midnight cough attack.

Take a spoonful of manuka or any raw honey and few drops black seed oil before going to bed.

Black seed tea :
Boil a cup of water with 1/4 tsp black seeds and add some grated ginger root into it. Strain it in a cup, put honey and drink

Other drinks like cinnamon, cloves, cayenne, black pepper, herbal teas are others can be had.

Get the bowels moving. Put olive oil over foods.

Avoid mucous producing foods

Gargling with salt water can loosen up the sticky phlegm and reduce the mucous buildup in your airways. Gargling before going to bed can also soothe your throat and flush away any germs (bacteria and viruses).
1/4 tsp salt in half cup hot water.

The drier your airways, the more irritated they get and the more likely you are to cough the night away.

Steam, heat and moisture, all three of them can break up the congestion (that tight feeling you feel in your chest) and help loosen up the cough-inducing phlegm in your airways which a hot bath or shower can help open up and also keep you warm.”

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