1. Do not drink water immediately after waking up from your sleep, nor should you go outside into the open immediately after waking up. If you are very thirsty, then the best way to drink would be by holding your nose. Take one sip at a time and once you have finished drinking, continue holding your nose for a little while and do not breathe in through your nose. In the same way, do not drink water immediately after having walked in the heat. This is more so for the person who has suffered a heat stroke. If he drinks a lot of water, he can die immediately. In the same way, water should not be drunk on an empty stomach, nor should one drink water immediately after having passed stool.
  1. Do not drink salty or hot water. Rain water is the best. However, the person who has a cough or suffers from asthma should not drink rain water. At times you may notice that certain water has been mixed with some oily substance. Such water is extremely harmful. If you wish to improve the purity of harmful water, boil it until three quarters of the total is left, allow it to cool, strain it (or filter it) and then drink it.
  2. Always cover the utensil which is used to store water. In fact, try and cover the cup or glass with a fine cloth so that whenever you drink from it, you will be drinking strained water.
  3. Ice is harmful to the kidney. Women should be particularly cautious in this regard and try not to make a habit of eating ice. Water that has been cooled with saltpetre (nitric acid) is much better.
  4. Don’t ever laugh while eating and drinking
  5. Sit and show gratitude when drinking water.
  6. Recite the supplication

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