Feeding for the Sake of Pomp and Glory is Fruitless

A follower of Hadhrat Mahmood Gangohi Rahmatullahi Alaih related:

A disastrous plague broke out in our village. A buzrug recommended that food should be fed for the sake of Allah Ta’ala. Hence, a lot of food was prepared. Before the food was served, a tall poor person came and asked for some food. The people asked him to be patient and not to rush. He said. “I am a poor person and I am hungry. Give me a plate of food.” The people refused to serve him immediately and reprimanded him. They asked him to be seated so that everyone could be fed elegantly.

He turned around and walked away so swiftly that I was finding difficulty in keeping up with him. I shouted out to him, “Don’t walk so swiftly. Why are you going out of the town? I will feed you.”

He replied, “I belong to the race of jinnat and I am not hungry. Look, our dwellings are in that direction.”

He then showed me his people to me and said, “I had only come to test the people whether they were feeding for the sake of Allah Ta’ala or whether it was for show. Therefore, tomorrow at the time of Fajr azaan we are going to attack the people of this town. If you wish to be saved from us, then move out of this town with all your dependants.” He then left the town. The next morning he was informed that people had developed some fatal disease which led to their death and many people died in this manner.

Malfoozat Of Faqeehul Ummah

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