A Group Of Students Saved An Entire Village From Becoming Hindu

A group of students went to a village and learnt that the Muslims living there had become renegades, and turned hindu’s. Thus, they approached the councillor and requested him to assemble the residents because they wished to addressed them. The council agreed council agreed assembled them. The students asked the, ” Were you all Muslims before becoming hindus?”

They replied in the affirmative. The student then asked them, ” How could you all have become hindus whereas you were Muslims before?

Each one of you was circumcised when you were Muslims before? Each one of you were circumcised when you were small. So how can all become hindus?

For one to become a hindu, he will have to first join the severed portions back to his body.”

In short, they explained to them in this manner and all of them listened to the students. They then reverted to Islam.

Malfoothaat of Faqeehul Ummah

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