Hadhrat Fatah Musali Rahmatullahi Alaihi

Once Hadhrat Abu Abdullah Jalaa’ (Rahmatullahi Alayh) was at the home of Hadhrat Sirri Saqati (Rahmatullahi Alayh). Late at night Hadhrat Sirri donned clean garments and was about to set out. I asked where he was going this part of the night. He said that Hadhrat Fatah Musalli was ill, hence he was going to visit him. When he was outside, the police arrested him. He was imprisoned.

The next day, the chief of the prison ordered that all the prisoners should be beaten. Thus, all were beaten. When it was the time to assault Hadhrat Sirri, the hand of the jailer became paralyzed whilst in midair. He said: “This man (i.e. Hadhrat Sirri) has ushered in my presence an aged Buzrug who said to me not to hit. Thus my hand cannot now move. Then everyone present saw Hadhrat Musali standing in front of them. Hadhrat Sirri was released and Hadhrat Fatah Musali accompanied him to his house.

Once people asked to explain to him what is Sidq. Hadhrat Fatah Musali plunged his hand into the blazing furnace of a blacksmith and drew it out holding a red hot iron. Then holding the iron on the palm of his hand, he said: “This is the meaning of Sidq”

Once in a dream when he saw Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu), he said: ” O Ameerul Mu’mineen! Give me some wasiyyat. ”

Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu) said: “I did not find anything more rewardable by Allah than the richness stemming from the humility of the Durwaish, and even more than this is the richness of the independence of the Durwaish reposing complete trust in Allah Ta’laa.”

Hadhrat Musali said: “Once I was in the Musjid with my companions, I saw a young man clad in tattered and torn garments. He said: “You are aware of the rights of the musaafir, I live in a certain house (he gave his address). Tomorrow at a certain time (he mentioned the time) I shall be dead. You should arrange my ghusl and kafan with these very same old garments and bury me..” The next day it happened as the Faqeer said, and I fulfilled his wasiyyat as he had instructed. As I turned to leave, he suddenly grabbed hold of my shawl and said: ” O Fatah Musali! If I have any status by Allah Ta’laa, then I shall most certainly compensate you for this service which you have rendered me. Live in such a way by which you can acquire everlasting existance. ” Then he became very silent.

“Once when the people saw him crying literally tears of blood, they asked for an explanation. He said: “When I think of my sins, I begin to cry. Then it occurs to me that perhaps my crying is insincere and deceptive. Due to this concern tears of blood flow”

Hadhrat Fatah Musali Rahmutallahi Alayh said, “I was in the companionship of thirty such Auliya who were from the Abdaal. All of them instructed me to abstain from the company of people (i.e. to remain in seclusion), and to eat less.”

Hadhrat Fatah Musali Rahmatullahi Alayh said, ” Just as a sick person will die if he is deprived of food and water, so too will the heart die if deprived of Ilm, Hikmat and the advices of the Mashaaikh.”

Hadhrat said, “Once I asked a Raahib (a sincere monk of the Nasaarah): ‘Which is the road unto Allah Ta’laa?’ The Raahib said: ‘Alas! Pity your understanding. Whichever way you face with sincerity, there you will find Allah.”

Hadhrat also said, “The people of Ma’rifat are those who when they speak, they speak of Allah Ta’laa; when they act, they act for the sake of Allah Ta’aa, and when they ask, they ask only from Allah Ta’laa.”

Hadhrat said, ” The pleasure of the Beloved (Allah Ta’laa) becomes manifest on a heart which is constantly being reformed.”

After his demise, when he was seen in a dream, he was asked: “How did you fare by Allah Ta’laa?” He responded: “Allah Ta’laa asked me: ‘Why did you weep so much?’ , I said: “O Allah! Because I was ashamed of my sins.’ Allah Ta’laa said: ‘O Fatah! I had instructed the Recording Angel not to write any sin you commit, and that was because of your abundance of weeping.”

The Saadiqeen By Majlisul Ulama

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