A Haraam Means Can Never Justify The End Goal

Before embarking on anything one should scrutinize the means. If the means is permissible then the objective will be considered. If the objective is haraam then the whole exercise will be haraam. And if the means is haraam then this will preclude the attainment of the objective. The haraam means will not make permissible the acquisition of the end product. For instance, someone wishes to gather people for salaah. Towards this end he opens a club room of dancing, music and games adjacent to the Masjid. Youngsters are lured to the Masjid with the bait of enjoying themselves in the club activities. Although the objective is for the youth to attend the Masjid for salaah, however, a haraam means has been employed towards the end. The means will be decried and never be tolerated regardless of the hallucinated benefits.

Just consider this! In spite of salaah being dear to Allah Ta’laa, a haraam means is never permitted for it. The error of those who regard their T.V. and video shows to be permissible on account of being of benefit to others is thus manifest. They do not see the inherent harm due to being blinded by the notion of benefitting others.

Our response is that when it is not permissible to adopt haraam means to call people for salaah, in spite of salaat being so loved by Allah Ta’laa, then by what stretch of Islamic logic will it be permissible to give bayaans on a haraam platform?

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