Audio 112 – Deputy President of JUSA Declares Animate Photography as Haraam

Hadhrat Moulana Ebrahim Pandor, the deputy president of Jamiatul Ulama South Africa declares pictures as Haraam. If we reflect just for a moment how a translation by the secretary general, Ml Bham drifted and twisted the translation at a Jalsah of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’s Jaami’ah. This was clearly manipulated from its reality to cover up certain bombshells. It still cannot be understood how this is forgotten and dusted. Clear and blatant mistrust in front of many Ulamaa who testified to this treachery. Have they decided to present our Deen as some political party? The link containing the evidence of this as a refresher for those who need the reminder can be found below. First we have to listen to the very deputy president of JUSA declaring digital photography as Haraam:

Click on the below link for the half hearted translation when the truth was clearly presented:

A Dark Display of Mistrust in the Name of the Trustworthy ‘Bukhāri’ Completion – Ummati

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