Does Thikr Alone Reform?

A man requested to be instructed with some formula of Thikr which will serve the purpose of reforming him.

«Hadhrat Thaanwi said:

“Islah (self-reformation) is achieved by remedying the aliments of the nafs. Athkaar (plural of Thikr) are like medicines and pills which can be prepared by studying medical books. However, there remains the indispensable need for a doctor to diagnose the illness and prescribe the remedy.Similarly, thikr formulae and spiritual exercise (ashghaal) are recorded in books. However, there remains the need for a Shaikh (Spiritual Guide and Mentor) to diagnose the aliment of the nafs and to prescribe remedies for its reformation.”

Wazaa-if (forms of Thikr) are not too difficult upon the nafs. Within a short while the Thikr is completed, whereas the ailments of ujub (vanity) and riya show, for example, are not cured by only wazaa-if. Wazaa-if only create barkat and act as aids.

Malfoothaat of Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (Rahmatullah Alaihi) -Part one

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