Once while Hadhrat Sirri Saqati Rahmatullahi Alaihi was giving a discourse (wa’z), Ahmed bin Yazeed who was one of the courtiers of the royal court of the Khalifah, passed nearby with a large retinue with much pomp and splendour. He instructed his retinue to halt and wait for him while he would go and listen to the discourse. He commented: “We usually attend such gatherings which are inappropriate. At least i should attend this discourse”

On entering the gathering, he heard Hadhrat Sirri Saqati Rahmatullahi Alaihi saying, “Of the 18 000 species of creation, no species is as weak as man. There is not a single creation which is as disobedient to Allah Ta’laa as man. Despite His abject weakness, man has resolved to disobey such a great, powerful Being as Allah Ta’laa.”

This statement penetrated Ahmad’s heart like an arrow. He underwent a profound change, and he sobbed so much that he became unconscious. When he revived, he left for his house sobbing. That night he did not have his meal nor did he speak to anyone. The next day, he went walking alone to the khaanqah of Hadhrat Sirri Saqati. He had become pale and stricken with grief.

The third day, donning the garb of mendicants, he again went to the khaanqah and waited until the discourse had ended. Then he went to Hadhrat Sirri and said: ” O Ustaadh! Your words have made the world cold upon my heart. I wish to renounce the world. Show me the way. “

Hadhrat Sirri said: “There are two ways: the long way and the short way. Which way do you want to traverse?” Ahmad said that both ways should be explained to him. Hadhrat Sirri explained that the long way is the normal Shar’iah route. Perform Salaat, Fast, and serve all the tenets, commands and prohibitions, etc. The short way is complete renunciation of the world; to sever all relationships, and do not accept anything from anyone.

Ahmad departed and headed straight for the wilderness. After a few days. an old woman came to Hadhrat Sirri and cried: “O Imaam of the Muslims! I had a son who was hale, happy and full of life. After attending your discourses he became sorrowful and grief stricken. Now since a few days he has disappeared. Do help me.”

The mother was crying profusely, hence Hadhrat Sirri said: “Do not be dejected, He has renounced the world and turned towards Allah Ta’laa. The ultimate end will be only goodness. If he comes, I shall inform you”.

One night after many days had passed, Ahmad suddenly appeared. Hadhrat Sirri Saqati sent someone to inform his mother. Ahmad was pale and as thin as a rake. Ahmad said: “O Ustaadh! Just as you have guided me to comfort and emancipated me for the darkness of the world, may Allah Ta’laa grant you peace and pleasure in both the worlds”.

Soon Ahmad’s mother, wife and his little child arrived on the scene. Seeing the exceptionally poor condition of Ahmad, the mother and the wife cried and wailed profusely. Even the little boy joined in crying. The grief and sadness of the family reduced even Hadhrat Sirri Saqati and all present to tears. Ahmad’s mother embraced him. Whilst sobbing, his wife placed the child in front of Ahmad, and exclaimed: “Wherever you go, take the child with you.” All their attempts to take Ahmad home were in vain.

As Ahmad attempted to leave, his wife said: “You have made me a widow whilst you are alive, and you have made your child an orphan. It is best you take the child with you.”

Ahmad responded: “Yes, I shall take him with me.” Then he removed the garments of the child and draped him with a piece of his tattered shawl.” When the mother saw this, she grabbed the child, and said: “I can never allow this.”

Meanwhile, Ahmad quickly left them and returned to his seclusion in the wilderness. One night at the time of Ishaa’ a man came to Hadhrat Sirri and informed him:” Ahmad sent me and said that he has very little left. He wants you to come him”. Hadhrat Sirri accompanied the man to a Qabrustaan where he found Ahmad lying on the sand. He was on his very last, and murmuring something. Hadhrat Sirri placed his ears at Ahmad’s lips and heard him reciting the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“For this the aamil (doer of goodness) practice.” Then he said: “O Ustaadh! You have come on the very last moment.” So saying, the rooh took flight from Ahmad’s body.

Sobbing much, Hadhrat Saqati left to make preparations for Ahmad’s burial. As he reached the built-up area, he saw many people heading in the direction of the Qabrustaan. On enquring, he was told: “Are you not aware? Have you not heard a Voice from the Heaven proclaiming that whoever attends the Janaazah of Allah’s Wali in the Qabrustaan of Shunooziah will be forgiven?”

Extracted From The Saadiqeen

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