Wonderful Sayings by Hadhrat Sahal Isfahaani Rahmatullahi Alaihi

  • Hadhrat Sahal Isfahaani (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “I searched for wealth and found it in Ilm (Knowledge of the Deen). I searched for honour and nobility, and found it in Faqr (Poverty). I searched for Aafiyat (Safety) and found it in Zuhd (Renunciation of the world). I desired an easy Hisaab (Reckoning in Qiyaamah), and found it in silence. I desired Raahat (peace and comfort), and found it in abandonment of hope (i.e. hope in anyone and anything of the dunya).”  All these treasures are attainable only by following meticulously the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).
  • Hadhrat Sahal Isfahaani (Rahmatullah alayh) said: “Since the time of Aadam (alayhis salaam) people have been discussing and theorizing about the heart, and so will they continue until the Day of Qiyaamah. Hitherto I have not found a single person who could explain to me what the heart (i.e. the spiritual heart) actually is.” Is the spiritual heart the soul or is it a separate spiritual entity? This is a mystery, and only Allah Ta’ala knows the exact nature of the spiritual heart.
  • Enthusiasm for ibaadat is a sign of Taufeeq (guidance fromAllah Ta’ala). Making claims is the sign of ignorance and puerility. ” i.e. Claiming moral or spiritual excellence. He who does not rectify his intention in the beginning will be ultimately deprived of safety and peace.” It is imperative to enter the Path of Taswwuf with a sincere intention. A contaminated niyyat will deprive one from the benefits of the Path. There were mureeds who lived for years in the khaanqah, but left in a worse state than their initial state of corruption when they had entered the khaanqah. The intention for taking to the Path of Tasawwuf is nothing but moral purification and spiritual progress.
  •  “He who gains the impression of being close to Haqeeqat is in reality furthest from it.” The more the mureed progresses in the spiritual path, achieving greater spiritual insight, the clearer becomes his understanding of the infinitesimal progress he has made in relation to the attainment of the Maqsood. Haqeeqat has limitless stages of progress. The end is no where in sight. The one who is spiritually retarded as a consequence of a contaminated intention deems himself to have attained spiritual accomplishment with slight progress.
    But in reality he is furthest from attaining the Maqsood. Hadhrat Isfahaani, presenting an analogy for this deprived one, says: “He is like a child who sees the reflection of the sun in a mirror. The child thinks that the sun is in the mirror. He grabs at the sun in the mirror, but finds his hands empty.” Such is the condition of the mureed who dwells in the deception of his achievement.
  • “Intelligent persons pass their lives on the basis of Allah’s command. The Thaakir passes his life on the basis of Allah’s Rahmat (Mercy). The Aarif lives on the basis of Allah’s Qurb (Nearness).”
  • It is haraam for the one who knows Allah and calls on Allah to derive comfort from others.”
  • “May you gain the taufeeq to abstain from being proud of your deeds. Such pride is the effect of corruption of the Baatin (spiritual heart). Iblees became accursed because of such pride.
  • * Once Hadhrat Sahal Isfahaani (Rahmatullah alayh) said to his companions: “You think that I shall die like you, lying in bed with people coming to visit you. I shall depart when the call is sounded.” One day whilst walking with some companions, he suddenly exclaimed: “Labbaika” (“I am present, O Allah!”). Then he laid himself down. Shaikh Abul Hasan Muzayyin (Rahmatullah alayh) said to him to recite Kalimah Shahaadat.
    Hadhrat Sahal, smilingly responded: “You tell me to recite the Kalimah. I take oath by Allah’s Glory and Greatness! The only veil between Him and me is His Greatness.” As he said these words, his Rooh took flight from its terrestrial body. Shaikh Muzayyin lamented: “Woe on me! Woe on me! How could I remind Allah’s Wali about the Kalimah? He held his beard and sobbed profusely for his indiscretion.

Adapted from “The Saadiqeen”

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