Mufti Mahmood Gangohi Rahmatullahi Alaihi mentions:

On one occasion, a ghair muqallid had the following conversation with me: (Note: A ghair muqallid is one who rejects to accept any of the classical four schools of thought thereby the end result is the nafs is being entertained)

Ghair Muqallid: Imaam Abu Hanifah was dha’eef (weak)

Mufti Mahmood Gangohi: Did you wrestle and fight him? After all, all humans are weak. Allah Ta’laa declares in the Qur’aan Shareef:

Ghair Muqallid: I meant that he had a weak memory.

Mufti Sahib: That is incorrect.

Ghair Muqallid: Hafiz Dhahabi رحمه الله has stated this in Meezan-ul-I’tidaal.

Mufti Sahib: Hafiz Dhahabi رحمه الله did not state this in his kitaab. Instead, an Indian ghair muqallid wrote this out of jealousy on the footnote of his kitaab and it was printed in this manner. Thus, when the Arabs copied the Indian print, they thought the footnote was part of the kitaab and felt that the scribe had mistakenly omitted it. Hence, they placed it within the original text and reprinted it as part of the kitaab.

Ghair Muqallid: It is possible that the opposite scenario might have taken place.

Mufti Sahib: The opposite could not have happened. A ghair muqallid would not find the need of removing something from the text and placing it as a footnote. Yes, a muqallid would remove it from the kitaab. He will not even put it in the footnote. Apart from this, I have proof to support my claim that it was not Hafidh Dhahabi’s رحمه الله statemement.

Firstly, Hafidh Dhahabi رحمه الله has written in the introduction of the kitaab that he will not discuss the reports of the reliable Imaams, like the a’immah-e-arba’ah.

Secondly, the commentry of Meezan-ul-I’tidaal is Lisaan-ul-Meezan and this statement conveniently does not appear therein.

Thirdly, Hafidh Dhahabi رحمه الله has also compiled the book Tazkirutal-Huffaaz wherein he has counted Imaam Abu Hanifah رحمه الله to be from the Huffaaz (plural of Hafidh) of Hadeeth and in the terminology of the Muhadditheen, a Hafidh refers to an individual who has memorised one hundred thousand Ahaadeeth with their chains of narrators.

Incident extracted from Malfoozaat of Faqeehul Ummat

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