Teaching children their names and addresses

The following incident was mentioned in the book: Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb (Rahmatullahi Alaihi) Sherwani His life and works

On one occasion, a young child as well as other elders began pressing Hadhratjee’s feet. Hadhrat began asking the child a few questions: “What is your name? Who is your father? Where do you live? Which province do you come from?” It seemed strange that Hadhratjee was asking these questions as this child belonged to Hadhrat’s family. Thereafter he kept on repeating the words Muzaffarnagar to this child, making him memorise it.Hadhratjee then addressed those present saying: “Children must be made to learn their names, their father’s names, and their addresses.”

He then narrated the following incident:”On one occasion I was going to Thanabawan by train with my family. When we got off at the station we realised that our child, Tamkeen Ahmad, was no where in sight. I quickly went back to the station in Delhi and began searching for him. Someone noticed me walking up and down and came up to enquire what I was looking for. I mentioned to him that I am missing my child and that I was searching for him. He then said to me that the police have taken him away to the musaafir-khana. When I reached there and asked for the child, the police first asked me my name and address and found that it matched the name and address given to them by the child. They then handed him over to me.”In the case of such incidents teaching them this necessary information proves to be very helpful.

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