The Double Standards of WHO- Who Killed Babies?

On the 10th October 2023, the World Health Organisation promoted slogans “be kind to your mind”, “Mental health is a universal right”, “everyone has the right to quality care”

A simple question is, what does the World have to say about the mental state of our Muslim children and women in particular which are constantly being bombed, terrorised or assisted by countries who sit as founding members on WHO?

Alone in this year, prior to the weekend’s defence attack, according to documentation collected by DCIP, as of the 9th October 2023, more than 2300 Palestinian children were killed. Yet the US has vowed to assist these baby killers?

The United Nations has put Israel on the world body’s blacklist of child killers.

According to a report by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in 2018, Israel killed 59 Palestinian children during that year.

The UN chief’s report, which was presented to the Security Council, states that Palestinian casualties caused by the Israel, mainly its military, hit a four-year high in 2018.The report shows that 59 Palestinian children were killed – 56 by Israeli forces – and another 2,756 were injured last year.

Guterres urged “Israel to immediately put in place preventive and protective measures to end the excessive use of force,”

PNN further reports.“I condemn the increasing number of child casualties, which are often a result of attacks in densely populated areas and against civilian objects, including schools and hospitals,” Guterres said in the report, produced by UN Children and Armed Conflict envoy Virginia Gamba and issued in Guterres’ name.The report does not subject those listed to action; however, it shames parties to conflicts in the hope of pushing them to stop killing children.

Why the contradiction?

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