Palestine: Help from Allah and Victory Near at Hand

The Squatters are put into distress. The numbers of Squatters in death bags are rising without being able to track as it increases. More than 700 killed, in one area alone 240 dropped dead to the ground. Palestinian men operating around Ghazah and those in Asqalan using a master plan of disguising themselves in their military vehicle have blasted more than 15 Apartheid Israeli’s. Approximately 50 soldiers have tasted a nasty ending with several high commanding officers killed.

Times of Israel has backed these facts,

Many dead Apartheid Israeli terrorists were found. Among them is the head of a Multidimensional unit, a commander of the Nahal Reconnaissance Battalion and an airforce instructor.

Other agencies have reported that the Terrorists were so stunned they were found killing their own men

Remember what they did to our Palestinian women?

Quran – Surah No. 61 الصف

Ayah No. 13


And (He will give you) another thing that you love: Help from Allah, and a victory, near at hand.

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