Today’s Intelligentsia

Once in a village, a man climbed to the top of a date palm. After climbing to the top he was unable to climb down. The entire village assembled by the tree. However, the simple villagers were unable to devise a plan to bring him down from on top of three. The village folk then summoned the village’s wiseman to gain his opinion. When he came, he surveyed the situation, gazed to the top of the tree.

After deep reflection, he nodded his headed to indicate that he has found the solution, he ordered them to bring a long rope. A loop was made and the rope was thrown to the man trapped on top of the tree. When he caught the rope, the wiseman instructed him to tie it firmly around his waist. After he had complied the wiseman ordered the simpletons of the village to give a powerful tug. In unison they tugged. Down came the man. His brains and bones were smashed as he hit the ground.

The village folk wailed in consternation: “He is dead!” The wiseman responded: ” He died because of his fate. I had pulled to safety in this manner numerous people who had fallen into wells.”

The intelligentsia of this age are of this hue. They act on the basis of corrupt reasoning. The consequence of such corrupt reasoning is destruction.

If someone requires correct knowledge and correct practice, there is only one correct method for this acquisition- make someone from amongst the living (authorities) your guide and leader. Mere book-knowledge without the guidance of such a leader is insufficient. I have seen many people of knowledge stumbling (in deviation). When they themselves have not understood reality, how can they offer guidance to others?

Page 80- Malfoothaat of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Part 2

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