The Incident of Hadrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu’s armour and his Interaction with a Christian who then accepted Islam

Hadhrat Sha’bi narrates that when (the Ameerul Mu’mineen) Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu once went to a market place, he found a Christian selling a coat of armour. Recognizing the coat of armour, Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu said, “That armour belongs to me. Let us have the judge of the Muslims decide the matter between us.”

The presiding judge at that time was Qaadhi Shuray and Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu asked him to rule in the matter.

Respect For Ameerul Mumineen

When Qadhi Shuray saw the Ameerul Mu’mineen Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu, he (The Judge) got up from his place and made the Ameerul Mu’mineen sit there. He then sat in front of the Ameerul Mu’mineen next to the Christian.

Refuses To Sit With The Kuffar With No Compromising Or Sly Unity Codes

Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu said,” O Shuray! Had my adversary been a Muslim, I would have sat with him. However, I have heard Rasullullah ﷺ say “Do not shake hands with them, do not be first to greet them, do not visit them when they fall ill, do not perform their funeral prayers, make them use the narrow part of the pathway and keep them in a lowered position as Allah Ta’laa has kept them in a lowered position’, Do not pass judgement between us, O Shuray”

Qaadhi Shuray asked, “What do you have to say, O Ameerul Mu’mineen?”

Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu declared, ” This coat of armour belongs to me. I had lost it a long time ago. ”

Qaadhi Shuray then asked, ” What have you to say, O Christian?”

The Christian pleaded, “No, The Ameerul Mu’mineen is mistaken. The armour is mine.”

The Justice System Of Islam

Qaadhi Shuray ruled, “The armour cannot be taken from the Christian unless you have proof (of your ownership, O Ameerul Mu’mineen).”

Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu submitted, “Shuray is right”

The Christian Admits & Submits To The Sustainer Of The Worlds

The Christian then said, “As for me, I testify that it is certainly the judgement of the Ambiyaa that the Ameerul Mu’mineen can come to a judge under his power who passed judgement against him. As I walked behind you one day, the armour fell off your brown camel and I picked it up.”

He then declared:

I testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and that Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is Allah’s Rasul.”

Hadhrat Ali Radhiyallahu Anhu said to him, “Now that you have accepted Islaam, you may have it.” The man then loaded it on his horse.


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