The Eerie Link Between Shiasm & Narcisissim

There has been plenty of information about Narcisissim thrown in the faces of the South African Muslim public in recent months.In the process, Sayyiduna Umar bin Al- Khattāb raḍiyallāhu ‘anhu’s honour was not spared. When we look a little deeper into Narcisissim, we find that the Urdu word for the narcissus plant is narjis or nargis.

Wait a second, narjis or nargis is the mother of the supposed twelfth Shia imam, at the moment in hiding. Subhanallah, how people are fooled. Research also reveals that the name ‘narcissus’ comes from the mythological Grecian youth who was so captivated by his own beauty that he turned into a narcissus flower.

We make du’a for the protection of our īmān, and safety from fitan. Āmīn

Mufti Abdullah Moola حفظه الله

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